Healthy Life Coaching from Natural Paw

Healthy Life Coaching from Natural Paw

Beth Taylor, co-author of See Spot Live Longer

You want to provide the best life possible for your animals! Confused about how to get started? What steps to take? Your dog is sick, and you’re looking at lifestyle possibilities to help him be healthier. Your cat is NOT sick, but you’re reading articles about improving diet, lifestyle and fitness, and you want to put them into practice – what’s most important? You want to learn what the claims and labels of all the healthy products mean. What’s the best way – for you?

For 7 years, I was involved in the pet food industry, working with companies that provide fresh food diets for dogs and cats. During that time, I presented seminars about fresh food diets and healthier lives for pets to retailers, customers, veterinarians and their staff, clients, dog clubs, health fairs, and conferences. These presentations led to the book I wrote with Steve Brown, See Spot Live Longer. We wanted to provide an easy-to-understand reference to help people sort out the issues in thinking about fresh food diets, and to help them make choices that work for their lives.

Animal lover, cook, organic gardener, dog trainer and behavior consultant, social worker: I’m a woman with a need to know “why is that”about a lot of things, mostly animal and health related. It all comes together to make me uniquely qualified to help others travel the same steps, learning about healthier living, and to help people make sense of the overwhelming amount of information available about health.

If your animal is sick, a veterinarian’s expertise is needed. You need to have your dog or cat’s condition evaluated. The diagnostics and evaluations done by veterinarians are a very necessary part of your animal’s healthy living plan. It may be necessary to treat the presenting symptoms, and many times it’s best to discover where you are starting out.

I can help you sort options, helping you to formulate a plan, put that plan into action, and revise and evaluate along the way. Often a change to an appropriate fresh food diet (cooked or raw) makes a dramatic improvement in health. I can help you find a way to feed your animals a fresh food diet that’s right for your life and your animal. I’m experienced with Bach Flower Remedies and Acupressure, both good additions to your health program.

  • Questions about what to feed?
  • Concerns about nutritional balance?
  • Wanting to tailor a food protocol for a specific condition?
  • Confused about food labels and claims?
  • Working dog, geriatric, puppy: what food and exercise is right for different stages?

On these topics and more, I can help you through the inevitable bumps in the road experienced as we all learn more about tools for healthy living, for our animals and ourselves.

Ph: 847-533-6309


One Response to “Healthy Life Coaching from Natural Paw”

  1. i just bought your book real food for dogs,wow,a little book with loads of great info,i think it was you at the dog show i spoke to??i have a lab jake with hypothyroid,small spot of demodetic mange,i want to give him probiotics and i found a good one,but cant find digestive enzymes without aspergillis.he may have allergies,we are eliminating chicken,eggs,dairy for now,does dr.becker sell suppliments can i stop in and by suppliments at her place?i dont know if that was you at the dog show but i think maybe it was,with this info maybe you can put my face with what i spoke about,i had my dogs picture on my sweatshirt and bought raw food.thanks,sue

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